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Historical Reproductions/Events

My Home Towne Collectibles are handmade, finely detailed reproductions made from wood. Each piece is cut and then screen printed in full color to reproduce the most detailed reproduction available.

A 4x6 or larger photo is best to reproduce your collectible. Please have the photo at the angle requested. Shrubs and obstructions will be included unless requested otherwise. It is not a problem to remove seasonal decorations and minor obstructions.

Set-up Pricing - this is a one-time initial cost:

Front-View Building - $200
Perspective-View Building - $290
Side-View Equipment - $250
Historical or Event must be quoted

Example of Descriptive Copy

Cost per unit - based on standard size, up to 11” wide:

50 - $12.00
100 - $10.00
200 - $9.00
500+ - Call for Special Pricing

Pricing: Unit cost is based on a seven color screen print with a one color history or description printed on the back. Add $0.50 per unit for each additional color.

Overruns/Underruns: Due to the intense manual labor involved in the production process, exact quantity produced is impossible. Therefore, My Home Towne reserves the right to overrun or underrun by 10% which will be added or deducted from the balance.

Production Time: Please allow 90 days from the time art is received. Rush orders are welcome. Please call to discuss details.

Exclusive Order: With a minimum quantity of 100 buildings the buyer maintains the marketing rights within fifty miles of building site for one year. Buyer surrenders rights one year after delivery of first order.

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